The Tree #FlashFiction #Poetry #Story #Horror

*Author’s Note:  Sharing a little piece I’d written a few years back. Perfect for this time of year!



She’d been locked in the house for months

as the undead raged outside


Famished and dehydrated

she stared out the bedroom window

and spied the pair again


For days, these cats roamed out

on the limbs of the enormous hardwood tree

as she wondered how they’re surviving the apocalypse


Today, she decided to find out and proceeded

to climb out the second-floor slim windowpane


As she dangled on the limb, she glanced below


There her momma stood, gaping up to her daughter

mouth opened and gnawing as if ravenous with

flesh-thirsting hunger


She scrambled up on the branch

and glanced towards the tree’s core


A small hollowed hole revealed the bloody mass of flesh and bone

and it was then she realized what a grave mistake she’d made

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