Are All Writers “Created” Equal?

Are all writers “created” equal?

The simple answer — No.

Granted, we are all apprentices to the craft of writing.

Here, we are the same, but that’s the end of our sameness.

Well, at least it should be.

Most beginners seek to emulate those they view as successful.

For me, I looked to Stephen King. Then, it was Terry Brooks, Nora Roberts and Sherrilyn Kenyon.  I admired them for what they excelled in.

Stephen King has the knack for taking a story and twisting it into something unexpected. His characters tend to be heavily flawed.

Terry Brooks is the master of creating a world that’s real and terrifying. He’s also a master at taking supernatural and mythical beings and breathing new life in them.  Sherrilyn Kenyon is another who does the same but her characters are deliciously dark.

Nora Roberts is so good at creating character arcs that you can completely relate to.  The people in her books are real.

Every author i mentioned above are prolific. They are master storytellers. They each write their stories in their own unique style.

What separates them from one another is their voice.  And it’s their voice that draws readers to their stories.

As beginners, we seek to emulate their success. But the true success comes only when we develop our own voice which in turn separate us from other writers.

Finding our voice takes time, but if we give ourselves the time needed, we will find it.

It is our voice that makes us unique. Our voice is born of our personal experiences and how we view the world.

In a future post, I will explore exactly what makes up the voice of a writer.

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works.” – Virginia Woolf




  1. I absolutely agree with everything you’ve mentioned here, especially the part about each writer having their own voice is so true. That quote by Virginia Woolf is one of my favorites as well. She was a remarkable writer.


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