The Year That Was (& Looking Ahead) #Writing #Pandemic #NewYear

In early January, as I watched the car burn in our own driveway, I never dreamed the kind of year we were about to have.

Never realizing that this was a harbinger of the things to come.


Pandemic. Murder Hornet. Unrest of all kinds. The election. And everything in between.

What a crazy, insane, unsettling year it’s been!

For the first half of the year, I could barely write as I was constantly worrying about my family’s health and safety.

Normalcy was gone.

We had entered the realm of the unknown and chaos.

Over time, I think we all learned to do what we can, when we can in the age of the “new normal.”

Between you and I, I really dislike that term.

As I write this post, my family and I are safe and healthy. This though is becoming more difficult as the virus has wreaked havoc in our little community of about 10,000 where 1 in 8 are now infected.

BBC News did a video/article on one of our community hospitals (Just a few miles from where I live)

Ours schools are still open but we’ve recently elected for our son to attend virtually.

Once the numbers moderate and start its decline, we will send him back. Which I hope is soon because staying home with the parents all the time is starting to get on his nerves.

Or so he says. 😉

In October, I finally started to gain traction in my writing.

To date, I have completed a novelette (In the Shadow of Death), and am currently writing a novella (Christmas Miracle).

These two will carry over to the new year where I intend to finish the novella and write book #2 for the novelette.

Beyond that?

We’ll see what 2021 brings.

How about you? How did you do? What are your plans for the coming new year?





  1. It’s the opposite at home, my sons love being at home. They don’t want to go back to school and happy to attend virtually. Me, I’m irritated having them home all day. Especially when during breaks they go to visit one another, being boys and noisy, although other one isn’t on break and in class. Then, there’s the issue of getting them to turn and leave on the camera. Sigh.

    Meanwhile, I’m extending NaNoWriMo into December in hopes to finally finish my urban fantasy WIP by the end of 2020. 2021 will be dedicated to rewrites and edits.


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