#5OnFri: 5 Ways To Improve Your Fiction #Writing

5 Ways To Improve Your Fiction Writing:

  1. Daydream More! According to Ruthanne Reid over on The Write Practice, there are 3 benefits of daydreaming:
  • “…helps you show (vs. tell) because it gives you all five senses to play with in your scene.”
  • “…gives you clues you need to fill in the holes that keep your plot from completion.”
  • “… gives you the freedom to play with characters and learn more clearly who they are.”
  1. Try Writing a Script. Just for fun, write a script for a featured film, or an episode for your favorite television show. This can help you hone your skills at crafting creative dialogues and action scenes.
  2. Create Videos/Slideshows. Another creative fun thing to do is utilizing a video/slideshow maker (like Kizoa, Powtoon, or Animoto to name only a few) and put together images with music as a mean of storytelling. I’ve taken a flash/micro story (or a poem even) and created a “movie” for it. There’s something to be said about seeing your work coming to “life!”
  3. Roleplay. Although I’ve never participated in this…then again, I suppose that playing the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery app on my cell could be considered as a RPG…there are 3 benefits for this per Destiny Soria, an experienced Roleplayer and author:
  • Helps you create more dynamic and interesting characters.
  • Improves your collaborative and improvisation skills.


“You’d be amazed how much your work will benefit from just spending time bouncing ideas back and forth with someone, even if those ideas don’t have anything to do with your work-in-progress. If you’re suffering creative block, then collaboration can open up new pathways in your brain and jumpstart your imagination. And bonus: you get all the benefits of teamwork without having to give up any control of your own story.”


  • Can help you become a better storyteller.

“Running a D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) campaign is storytelling. Participating in a D&D campaign is storytelling. Art is storytelling. Life is storytelling.

If you want to tell a great story, you need to be able to draw from life—however that looks for you as a writer. The great thing about Dungeons & Dragons is that it’s an entire alternate universe to play in. During a campaign, you get to live an entirely different life, not just in your own mind, but with a group of other people. You’ve got a mix of strategy, rules, and pure chance—all of which you’ll find in real life, albeit in different forms.”


If you’d like to read the entire article, here’s the link.


  1. Read. Read! In Sarah Rhea Werner’s article – Why It’s So Important For Writers To Read – she list some compelling reasons for us such as reading helps you understand what a reader wants, lets you see what’s already been done (whether successfully or not), and reading across various genres can spark new ideas and inspiration for your own future stories.

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