#Write28Days The Locket (a short story)

Among These Realms

Rosa stood over the grave where the earth has begun to settle.

The gray sky was weeping though she no longer could.

Gripping the handle of the umbrella, her blue eyes moved to the stone where her fourteen-year-old cousin’s name was engraved.

Derik was only three months older than her.

He’d been her friend. Confidante. Her partner wherever trouble resided.

And then, he was gone.

Just like that.

What the heck happened?

It was the question she kept mulling over in her mind ever since he disappeared.

After weeks of searching, they found remnants of the clothing he wore on the day he vanished.

No body.

No clue of what happened or where he’d went.


It was as if he simply evaporated in the air – erased from existence.

After a time, his adoptive parents declared him “deceased,”

Rosa’s eyes narrowed.

They’d buried an empty coffin.


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