Under Another Sky – One

Among These Realms

“I don’t want to leave!”

The woman in her early thirties lied across the yellowing grass as tears streamed down her face.

She buried her husband and three-year old son six months earlier.

After the Red took them.

No one really knew how the plague started, but many scientists attributed it to a small asteroid that crashed into the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles away from any civilization.

A day later, a Japanese cargo ship reported about a rapidly developing violent storm near the impact zone.

The clouds were in a strange reddish hue. Even the rain appeared to be rust like in color.

Within the week, this same storm covered the entire planet.

A virulent illness appeared around the same time that essentially starved people of oxygen and killed millions within days.

The Red or Red Wildfire would take more than 75% of the world’s population before it vanished…

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