You’re Still There

They say that time heals.

Yes, that’s true for many things.

With time, you also develop the distance from certain events in life where you’re able to reflect without the physical, emotional and mental pain.

Not fresh ones, anyway.

As time goes on – you are also able to see a new future with new possibilities.

On today’s date twenty-five years earlier, I couldn’t see any of this.

I was twenty-five, and my husband of nearly two years had just died due to catastrophic injuries sustained in a car accident.

Twenty-five years.

Some days, it felt like this had happened to another person and not to me.

Others though, I felt as if it had just occurred.

Today, I don’t feel the pain as much as the sadness that comes in knowing that he’s no longer physically here.

Even though I’d moved on with my life – remarried and now have a son getting ready to graduate from high school – I still miss him.

I recently wrote this poem with him very much on my mind:

You Are There

I don’t need eyes

To see your face

I don’t need ears

To hear your voice

You’re the mountains

Filling me with sweet pine aroma

You’re the wind

Caressing my face

I feel your presence

Wherever I go

I am never alone

Ironically, today I also received my first COVID vaccination.

So far, no ill effects from it.

I have met criticism for taking this vaccine.

Why would I take it?

I do it not for myself – but for the man I love – the man who is here with me and whom I like to have around for many more years.

He has sustained damages to his lungs due to his time in the military, and is considered to be in the higher risk group.

Yes, we are not promised tomorrow.

But it’s the possibility that tomorrow will come for me, and for my hubby which gives me hope.


  1. Isn’t it funny that society chastises us for both believing something positive is a posibility and preparing for the possibility of something negative occuring? What are you gonna do, right?

    Amie, FMF #30


  2. I have family members who have received the vaccine to protect ones they love. I think so many issues divide people, when a choice to receive a vaccination should not be divisive. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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