#IWSG How the Pandemic Changed Me as a Writer

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Never did I realize just how much I’ve taken the normal things in life for granted until March 2020.

Since then, nothing has been normal.

Now that we’re starting to emerge from the gloomy clouds of the ‘demic days, I see signs of hope everywhere.

As I reflect, I saw how the past 12 to 15 months changed me as a writer.

  • Provided me with the eye-opening revelation that I really did NOT deal well with stress or pressure. I’ve since learned coping skills to better handle most challenges that come my way.
  • This goes hand-in-hand with above. At the start of the ‘demic, anxiety and fears ruled my life which disrupted everything. I went months without being able to focus on writing. Recently, I found that writing through the fears and anxiety actually helped alleviate them. So, instead of allowing fears and anxiety to rule my life, I found ways to utilize the energies behind them and re-direct them into my writing process. By doing so, brought vivid clarity I don’t usually get with just going through the motion of writing.
  • The ‘demic kept my guys home for months which also disrupted my normal writing times. There would be days when I’d be so frustrated, they would get the brunt of it. I’ve had to learn better time management which filtered over to the rest of my other daily tasks thus reducing the level of frustration.

What about you? How has the pandemic changed you as a writer?


  1. I am right there with you!

    The virus struck our home back in January of 2020 when no one knew what it was. The stress of a changed world has been rough on my creative side to say the least. But receiving the Johnson and Johnson one-and-done helped alleviate some of the stress.

    I had to find methods to help relax in order to write again. Powering through didn’t work, but breathing exercises, music, keeping track of friends via Zoom and social media, and meditation helped.

    Later this month I have a blog coming out on this topic for Writers In The Storm.

    I appreciate your post!

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    • I’m glad you and your family are doing better now. 🙂 My son was pretty sick back in Feb 2020 with high fever, nasty cough and was diagnosed with pneumonia. They wouldn’t give him the COVID test at that point since it was only given to those who had traveled overseas. This didn’t help my anxiety level that’s for sure! 😉 The whole family, as of this past Friday, is now fully vaccinated and this definitely gives me some peace of mind.

      I’ll be looking for your post then! 🙂


  2. Loved reading your post! I wrote along the same lines so was thrilled to see the name of your post. It’s quite true that writing helps with my anxiety as it did with yours. Stay safe.

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  3. Although I also dealt with pandemic stress, I actually started writing more. Being home gave me more time to write. Not that I want to go back in isolation, but now I am having to work on better managing my time. 🙂


  4. The early days of the pandemic left most of us frozen and then I think we realized that we had to do something creative to survive. Thank you for sharing your struggles and where you are at now. This is a great topic for a post. I might write one myself!


  5. Early on, I was on deadline and that external motivator kept me going, but I still worked slower than usual and missed my deadline by a few weeks. Luckily my publisher was forgiving. After that push to meet deadline, I backed off considerably and let myself spend more of my writing time on reflective pieces and journalling instead of pressuring myself to create sale-able work. Maybe not good for my career, but good for my peace of mind.


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