Upcoming For Rest of 2021 #Writing #Stories #Projects #Goals

It’s been quite a year!

I’ve written several short stories plus a few longer ones.

I’ve also participated in various month-long themed prompt events and took several classes and workshops.

I’ve even tried to submit several of my writings. A few were accepted but many were not.

That’s okay!

In fact, I have pretty much decided to self-publish most of my work from here on out (with a few exceptions of course). At my age, I’m finding that I have less patience waiting on others to decide whether or not my work fits their publications.

I find this too time consuming!

With the pandemic, and losing a few loved ones over the past two years…

Life is too short!

I want to share my words with the world – and will do so on my terms.

I’m in an unique position where I don’t need to make a living off my writing. Mainly because I’m unable to (for a few specific reasons which I’m unable to clarify further) and in a weird way, this is incredibly freeing!

I will share more as to what I intend to do with several of my stories in a later post – for this one I wanted to share that I will be participating in a 31-Day writing challenge where I will attempt to write one post for each day throughout October.

Click on the 31 Days Series page above or here for more information.

What about you? Have any exciting projects and events coming soon? I’d love to hear about them! I may even want to interview you about them!

Love to Hear from You!

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