Five Things Writers Need #31DaysChallenge #5OnFri #Blogtober

Writers need a lot of things, but these five are possibly the most common essentials that we really need to function on any level.

They are in no particular order of importance as they are different for each writer.

  1. Sleep : Although this one may not be essential for some writers, but for me it sure is! Without regular rest, it would be difficult to maintain focus and stamina.
  2. Coffee : Writers tend to be coffee drinkers – at least those I know are. Coffee serves a key role in keeping us awake and invigorated. Coffeehouses are the places to be to meet up with other creative-minded individuals. For the solitary souls, they are boon for story and character ideas (call us the master eavesdroppers!).  
  3. Time :  Many writers juggle careers with family and a multitude of other responsibilities outside writing.  Finding a spare moment here and there to jot down an idea or add a few sentences to a story you’ve been trying to finish for months – painstakingly challenging! No wonder so many writers dream of a day when they can ditch their job for a full time writing career!
  4. Space :  Each writer needs their own personal space to claim as their own. A space where we can run away to – away from reality and step into a world of our own making.
  5. Community :  No matter how much you think that you’re a loner and can do this in solitude, all writers need a tribe of like-minded individuals for support and accountability – virtual or in person.

What about you? Any other need not mentioned here that’s essential to you as a writer?

***This post is a part of the 31 Days Challenge for the entire month of October!


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