Don’t Forget Our Veterans

Here I am, a middle-aged woman, sitting at my desk.

It’s early morning and the house is quiet.

The snow is starting to fall.


It’s Veterans Day in the United States and it suddenly struck me as to how easily I take everything for granted.

Like my freedom and all this peace and quiet on my farmstead.

None would be possible without our veterans.

Without them, our enemies would have long overtaken us – our freedom, taken away.

With all the squabbles that are going on over so many issues – how many of us actually acknowledge that these would all be mute points without them – our veterans.

Our enemies don’t give a lick about our squabbles. In fact, they’d gladly take care of them!

Gone would be our right to give voice to our beliefs and opinions.

Our identity. Our culture. Our history.

Our home. Our family.


I grew up being surrounded by veterans. I know the kind of sacrifices they made so it pains me immensely to see all that are currently going on in our country.

It’s no wonder that the suicide rate among our veterans are skyrocketing.

They feel that they have been forgotten.

That their sacrifices have been all for nothing.

My original plan didn’t include me going on a rant – but, these have been weighing heavily on my heart.

My husband is a veteran. He served in a unit on the front line during the first Gulf War (1991). There were 28 of them.

Due to suicides, there are now only 12 left.

Please, please don’t disregard our Veterans or everything they’ve done so that our country remained free from our enemies.

Thank one today.

Teach our kids of their worth and value.

Our future may well depend on this!


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