#NaNoWriMo: Mid-Way

Just a quick post.

At halfway through the month (and NaNoWriMo), I am sitting at just under 10,000 words.

Typically, one should be closer to 25,000 – but, this doesn’t bother me.

I’d originally planned to work on worldbuilding and additional chapters for the serial, Under Another Sky – instead, I’ve been writing two separate mini-serials.

The first one, The Cottage in the Woods, is now finished thanks to NaNo (you can read this on my other blog, Beyond This Realm).

I’m now writing The Christmas War which I intend to release by chapter throughout the month of December (on my other blog, Beyond This Realm).

The past week life has been chaotic with issues that took away time and energy from writing – but hey, that’s the way things roll sometime, right?

What about you? How’s your writing progressing this month?

Love to Hear from You!

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