How Does This #DeafBlind Write?

In the past, I’ve been told that I would never be a good writer because I couldn’t access two of the most crucial senses.

That my stories would fall flat, or the descriptions would be lame or too one-dimensional.

 I admit that I believed them and for many years stopped writing altogether.

But when I thought about why I write – everything changed.

I write because…

I have stories I need to tell.

There are messages I need to tell through stories.

I want to entertain and touch lives through stories.

There’s a well-known quote from a movie that stuck to me which could also apply to any writer.


“If you build it, they will come.” (Field of Dreams, 1989)


If you write it, they will read it.

There are readers out there who are looking for stories that only you can tell.

So what if the grammar isn’t quite right. These can be fixed.

If you don’t write the stories that are brimming from within, I can’t think of a more painful way to live.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

Her words spoke loudly to me the other day when I learned of a writer-friend who passed away due to complications of the Virus. He’d self- published a single novel (which I am so grateful he did!) and it’s his legacy for future readers to discover.

It’s also kind of sad because he had so many ideas and ways to continue the story he began with this novel – now, lost (I’m hoping he had it written or saved somewhere though).

Anyway, I’m rambling.

Yes, I am both visually and hearing impaired; and yes, these disabilities tend to make writing stories a bit challenging.

Because of these impairments, I rely on my other senses more (smell, touch, sensation). I also delve more into the emotions of my characters.

When I come to parts where I need to describe a setting or action that requires the visual or auditory aspect, I usually google what I’m looking for. You Tube is also another tool I use to help me.

My next step in further improving my stories is finding a few trusted readers to read the early drafts and give me honest feedback on what’s lacking.

I’m now what you’d consider a middle-age woman, and since the start of the pandemic, the ticking sound of time is growing steadily louder for me.

I’ve decided not to wait on the Gatekeepers when putting my stories out there – life is too short (as I’ve personally experienced with the loss of this friend)!   

My stories are far from perfect, but I hope they find readers that need to read them.

Whether for entertainment purposes, or needing a break from reality, or just to find that there’s still hope in the midst of darkness and chaos.


Side Notes: As an individual with hearing/vision impairments, grammar and formatting are my biggest challenges. Stories I’ve published (through blogs, Wattpad, and Lulu Press) are by no mean the final draft. I’m always looking for ways of improving them. 😊


  1. I think your reasons for writing are well-founded. Whatever we write has to come from within us. You are right in saying they are never complete. Anything in the arts suffers the same feeling that this or that could be changed, tweaked, improved but at some point, we have to let go and put our work out there. If others read our work and find merit in it then that’s a winner.
    If we write primarily to satisfy our desire to write then don’t have anything to prove. If you are trying to make money from your writing then that’s another issue.
    My self satisfaction is what is important to me.
    keep on doing what you love to do. The more you write the better you get.

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  2. Thanks for continued inspiration, Carrie. I’m reminded by your post of ten essential two-letter words: if it is to be, it is up to me. That we writers can have immense fun and self-satisfaction while striving to entertain, inform, and inspire others—wow! That’s writing. Keep ‘em coming.

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