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Throughout the month of April, I am taking part of the annual Ekphrastic Challenge over on The Wombwell Rainbow – hosted by Paul Brooks.

This Challenge is a collaboration between three artists and nearly a dozen writers including myself.


April 5th

Artist John Phandal Law


I remember

A picture that hung on

My Grandmother’s wall

Of a tree on a farmstead

The photograph looked old, weathered

I’d studied it more closely

It was an image of days long gone

A time before my parents

Yet an intense nostalgia swept

Over me

I remember

Asking my grandmother about that tree

Was it still there?

Nay, she said, only its stump remained

That tree, she went on, was known as

The Pioneer – once a celebrated icon

Back in the day

It was already ancient when the territory was clearcut

Who knew what history it saw

Before man stepped foot on its land

I remember

Frowning, feeling quite sad

That’s terrible, Grandma! I exclaimed

She shook her head and smiled

Nay, we should not grieve for its demise

Rather we should always remember

To respect and to protect our heritage

Whether it be natural or ancestral

For if we do not appreciate either one,

Who would remember us

When it’s our turn to die

If we leave no traces behind?


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