Unsent Letters #WEPFF #Writing #Poetry

After Mother’s death,

I found in the attic

unsent letters

The hand-crafted words brimmed

full of pain and love

and truth untold

My oblivious mind

gravely unshuttered

with the knowledge—

I’m an alien’s child


Tagline: One letter has the power to change everything.


WC: 35 words


  1. Hi Carrie Ann,
    Wow, you caught me by surprise. Didn’t expect the ending. Would be a terrific opening line for a book. I want to know more. Clever take on the prompt. Thanks for a cool read.

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  2. A lot conveyed in a tiny wordcount! Well done. Excellent take on the prompt. I too, like the others, can see many possibilities to expand this as a narrative poem or a story. Thanks for this cool entry.

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  3. Hello Carrie-Ann, the jury’s out on this one. I’d totally keep reading a book with the first line – I’m an alien’s child. And you’ve already written your tagline. Now to pen those 70,000+ words! Seriously.

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  4. Hi Carrie-Ann – what an amazing take on the prompt – well done … well better than that! Gosh I’d hate to find that out … let alone the story everyone is suggesting you write – cannot disagree with them … so hope you do. Cheers Hilary

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  5. What a shock and the mother isn’t there to soften the message. A letter like this brings up so many questions and could send the reader off on quite an adventure. Who am I?

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  6. 👽 Space alien or person from another land? Will it matter? How will it change the character?
    Great way to entice the brain.

    I wrote a humorous piece for the June WEP prompt (it isn’t adult, though some may mistake it as such at first, depending on your hobbies).
    And I’m contemplating my favorite book worlds for the IWSG July prompt (I’m co-hosting). Any thoughts?
    Over at Operation Awesome, we’re gearing up for our Pass or Pages query contest with July’s family saga genre. Know any writers who might want to enter?

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    • Loved your poem! Left a comment – though it initially posted as “anonymous.”

      Looking forward to the next IWSG prompt!

      The Pass or Pages query contest sounds interesting! I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head – do you have a Twitter account where this is advertised/tweeted? I can share around with others.


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