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July’s Question: If you could live in any book world, which one would you choose?

I will cheat – kind of.

Harry Potter is one of those worlds I’d love to live in but this would be too predictable so I’ll try another.

This world’s originally began as a screenplay but many books have been written around it.

Welcome to the Gate World aka Stargate.

Credit: Space.com

There have been at least three separate series based in the Gate World: SG1, Atlantis, and Universe.

Of these three, Atlantis is my favorite.

Credit: GateWorld

A novelization of the pilot episode to open this series would be where I’d love to land and begin my adventure in the Gate World.

Credit: Amazon

Following the discovery of an Ancient outpost buried deep in the Antarctic ice sheet, Stargate Command sends a new team of explorers through the Stargate to the distant Pegasus galaxy. Emerging in an abandoned Ancient city, the team quickly confirms that they have found the Lost City of Atlantis. But, submerged beneath the sea on an alien planet, the city is in danger of catastrophic flooding unless it is raised to the surface. Things go from bad to worse when the team must confront a new enemy known as the Wraith who are bent on destroying Atlantis.

Blurb from the book, Rising written by Sally Malcolm

What about you? Is there any particular world – from a book or film – that you’d love to be in?


  1. Excellent post, Carrie Ann! I love the “Gate Word,” too.

    My IWSG post this month highlighted the book world created by Dan Brown for the Robert Langdon series. What fascinated me was how Brown took the same ingredients (like eggs) and created the four-book series (akin to delicious yet different omelets).

    Selling over 80 million copies of The Da Vinci Code, it’s not a stretch to suggest the author’s story structure resonated with his target audience. I marveled at how writers can identify and emulate the story patterns used by Brown to write the successful series.

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