A Week of Frustration #WritersLife

Ever had a time when everything frustrates you? 

This was me the past week when the battery in my laptop died. I called HP to see about ordering a replacement batt when they said oh, we’re sorry but your model has been discontinued and we no longer carry parts for it. 

So, I spent the next several days checking with several computer parts stores across the country to see if anyone had one in stock. I found one store in California, the only one out all I contacted that had any. 


They say the battery is new and I should receive early next week. In the meantime, I’m trying to do everything I usually do on the laptop on my android phone. 

It hasn’t been all bad. I mean, I’ve reverted to the old way of writing – handwriting in a notebook. 

Gosh, how long has it been since I’ve did that? 

Seven…eight years? 

I’ve forgotten how cathartic it is to write by hand!  The downside is my hand’s out of shape! 

Need to find stretches for the muscles in my hand to keep them from cramping every half hour or so. 

How about you? Dealing with something that’s frustrating?


  1. Great positive spin, Carrie Ann! Of late, I got frustrated with too many irons in the fire and no one to blame but the guy who said “yes” when he should have said “no.” Oh, well. I see light at the end of the tunnel and don’t hear any trains coming. 😀


  2. I feel the pain in your hand from writing “manually”! Last year I started the practice of “morning pages”, and write at least 2 pages a day in my notebook of whatever is in my mind when I wake. Initially that cramping in my hand niggles by the end, I just wasn’t used to writing! Now I can write for much longer no issues, and I do recommend morning pages as a writing practice – although this can be done electronically of course!


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