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This month’s question: What do you consider the best characteristics of your favorite genre?

When I tried writing fiction for the very first time at the age of eleven, it was about a girl discovering a bloody decapitated head inside the fridge of a known haunted house. From then on, the majority of the stories I wrote (including poetry and nonfiction) centered around the paranormal, supernatural, and death.

My work rarely had a happy ending.

They tend to revolve around the many tragedies of life – whether they were accidental, intentional, or a freak of nature.

The kinds of stories I wrote reflected (most of the time) my personal experiences or my frame of mind at the time. (Ths would make Stephen King pretty freakishly disturbed, right?)

Introduced to death at a fairly young age, I learned how vulnerable we really are – even kids can die.

Coupled personal experiences with the paranormal – well, there you have it, a few reasons why I was drawn to the horror genre.

Now, after writing for, well, a few decades, I’m more interested in the Fantasy genre than horror.


I grew tired of reality – the so-called real world (and the hereafters).

Instead, I’m more and more drawn to the magical and fantasitcal realities. These bring out the child within me. I’ve missed exploring the many wonders of whatever world I’m in.

It’s that innocence; the child-like view of the world that I missed the most. And it’s through fantasy I can re-create these feelings.

It is through Fantasy I can truly escape reality.


  1. Wow, that was some story to write at such a young age! Sometimes it takes a while to find the genre we like to write best. I’m glad you’ve found yours. Fantasy is a great escape.

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