Time To Dream A Little…

Whenever you write a story, have you ever envision it being created into a film?  If so, ever picture in your mind who you would have play your main characters?  This is what I’ve done for my current horror serial; for fun, mind you although I’ve always dreamed of having one of my stories produced into either a short or feature film 🙂

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Who would you have as actors to play your main characters?  Dream big!  Have fun 🙂




Screwed and Chewed!

Chapter five-Screwed and Chewed-now live on Juke Pop Serials for the horror serial-Death’s Knoll!



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Juke Pop Serials and Chronicles of the Claus (making a case for writing web serials)



For those who write web serials, you’re probably familiar with Juke Pope Serials.   If not, read on.

“Reinventing the Book Publishing Model” (taken directly from the Juke Pop’s website:

“JukePop was formed to help publishers better locate new emerging talent by nurturing talented writers that are often uneconomical for major publishing houses to handle. JukePop serves as a content incubator, allowing publishers, to glean the “right” books from its trove. The platform pro-actively and constantly tests readers of a specific demographic to gauge the acceptance (or not) of individual books. JukePop also provides the individual writer with access to publishing channels for his/her work. Unlike conventional and other ePublishers, JukePop’s distribution begins as soon as a writer completes his first chapter. In terms of literary content, JukePop is rejuvenating the lost art of the serial pioneered at the dawn of publishing, when authors such Charles Dickens reached mass audiences by serializing novels a chapter at a time in newspapers that nearly everyone could afford.”

To read more on how Juke Pop Serials work, check out the link: How It Works

Writing web serials isn’t for every writer.  I write them as a way of creating a book one chapter at a time while receiving feedback from readers as to what works or what doesn’t work.  It’s also a good way of testing certain ideas or story-lines  ahead of  time to gauge the readers’ readiness to embrace them.  There are several formats to have your web serial presented to the public (aka readers).  You can post the chapters on a blog, or go through sites such as Wattpad.  You can submit to Web Fiction Guide to have your serial listed to make it easier for readers to find your story.  You can also use Juke Pop Serials which I’ve decided to give it a try with my current web serial, Chronicles of the Claus.

The challenge?  Like televised series, a serial on Juke Pop needs to receive enough votes from the readers in order for it to continue.  And for those serials whose stories are hot, Juke Pop will reward the authors.

I submitted the first chapter for Chronicles of the Claus to Juke Pop a few weeks ago, and it was accepted.  The first two chapters have been published on their website and I’m looking for readers’ votes to help keep my serial alive 🙂

To read the first chapter, here’s the link: The Last Normal Day

If you’re a writer and would like to give this a try: About Juke Pop Serials

Spread the word!



Almost Camp Time!

I’ve decided to become a first-time participant in the Camp NaNoWriMo this year which will start in a few short days.


Are there any of my fellow readers/writers who will also be participating?  If so, here’s my camper’s profile if you like to add (and I like to add yours too!): http://www.campnanowrimo.org/campers/carrie-ann-golden

My goal for April is to write 10k towards my web serial, Redemption, in an effort to try to complete part one of the Underverse series by the end of this year.

Exit Humanity (Film Review)

I’ve never written a review of anything before so here goes everything.  🙂

I’m not only a writer and a huge fan of books; but I’m also an aspiring screenwriter (currently in the early stage of learning the craft) who is a lover of films especially if they include zombies.  

Exit Humanity is not your typical zombie movie.   The film is not filled with gruesome gore and killings.  In fact, the storyline involving a zombie outbreak is just one of the subplots of the movie rather than the main one.  The heart of this story centers around Edward Young (brilliantly played by Mark Gibson), a Civil War veteran, who grapples with his own humanity and that of others throughout the film.  How does one remain sane or even benevolent in the midst of so much death and pain?

For those who haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry, there will be no spoilers here.

Exit Humanity is John Geddes’ directorial debut and it is a thing of beauty.   The story is engaging and at times unexpected. The characters are rich and believable. The cinematography is authentic and beautiful.   Geddes working with a low-budget managed to create a masterpiece within the zombie genre.  There are layers to the storyline unlike most zombie movies that are meant to be savored slowly.  It is not something to be watched mindlessly or just for the action.

It was a pleasant surprise to find such a gem among an already saturated genre that wasn’t afraid to take a slightly different approach to where a story was more character-driven rather than plot-driven, and end up actually  being a well-crafted movie.

If this is the kind of quality we can expect from John Geddes as a director in the future, then I can’t wait for his next film 🙂