Lesson Five: Being A Part of a Community is Essential

Writing tends to be a lonely endeavor which is why finding a community of writers is important for your success, and not to mention for your sanity!

They could be found in your local towns or cities, or online.

There are many ways being in a community could help you as a new writer. Here are a few benefits listed in an article by Jami Gold:

  • A community is a place where you can have your questions answered.
  • A community is a place where you can find support and accountability.
  • A community is a place where experienced writers will share their valuable expertise and help guide you through any difficulty you might encounter.

Your Assignment:

If you haven’t done so before, check to see if there is a writing group in your area. Many groups could be found in a local library. MeetUp is another tool to search for local writing groups.

If none are found nearby, online groups are the other option. Here are a few places to check out:

Your task is to search for one writing group/community to join.

Did you find one?

If you did, why did you choose that one?

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