Lesson Two: It’s Okay To Experiment

As a new writer, it is okay to write like your favorite authors.

You’re just starting out and the more you write, in time you will develop your own unique voice and writing style.

Feel free to experiment in different forms and genres.

Some examples of the forms I’m talking about are – essay, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, screen/play/drama.

The sky’s the limit so don’t hold yourself back if you want to dabble in various parts of the writing craft.

This is one way you’ll discover your writing specialty/niche.

Your Assignment:

We are going to take a few forms that you’re interested in, and experiment.

If you’d like to try out poetry, you can spend a few minutes researching online for a few samples. Don’t have a clue as to where to start? Here’s a website to get your creative juice flowing – A Beginners Guide to Different Types of Poems   Pick one that appeals to you and spend about five to ten minutes experimenting with it. Remember, you’re doing this to have fun and to learn – no inner critic is allowed!  😊

What if you’ve been writing romance stories and want to see what’s it like to write a horror story? Here’s an article with tips to get you started – How To Write Horror Stories. Again, your focus is to enjoy experimenting with various types of writing forms – tell your inner critic to take a hike.

Whichever ones you select, have fun with them. Spend as little or as much time with them as you want.

Remember, being a writer is a life-long apprenticeship where we are constantly learning and trying new things. 

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