Your Art Matters Regardless Of Your Flaws

I’m a writer with an adolescent muse. I’m an apprentice of the craft; ever learning and growing as a scribe. I’m also a flawed person. Disabilities have hampered my growth both educationally and personally. Various losses and emotional issues have also held me back.

The biggest obstacle in my way though isn’t any of these above.


It’s me.


I’m my own harshest critic, and I alone hold myself back. This is clear in my blog posts which several readers have pointed out to me. For reasons I’m still exploring, I’m allowing my disabilities and negative life experiences keep me from realizing my true potential as a writer; hence, hindering me from further using my writing as a service to others.

I want to end this.


By sharing my struggles and my experiences with others as well as my hopes and dreams.

Why do all this?

Accountability. To myself, and to my readers.

Community. Knowing that I’m not alone, and letting others know this as well, provides the support and the extra kick in the butt when needed.



In connecting with other artists, it is my desire to share their stories with my readers. Their struggles and failures, and yes, their successes.

As artists, we are not alone. We just tend to forget to let one another know of this life- and dream-saving fact.

So many of us give up on our dreams. Our passions.



It’s time we stop doing this to ourselves.

Let’s hold each other accountable to our passions and our dreams whatever they may be. Let’s support one another, and give that kick in the butt whenever we get down on ourselves and our art.

Regardless what our flaws are, we do matter as do our passions and dreams.


The world needs us and our art!


So, join me and other struggling artists as we persevere together through this thing called life. Never giving up on our dreams or passions, pushing through and over obstacles and challenges as we lend one another support and words of encouragement.

It’s just the knowing that we’re not alone which enable us to continue our journey as artists.

And that can make all the difference in our world.