Novels Wanted

I’m looking for Romance novels to read mainly from Indie authors.

What I’m looking for:

*Clean romance stories (no sex please)

*Am open to all sub-genres (Historical, Fantasy, Paranormal, etc.)

*Prefer a stand-alone novel that’s not part of an ongoing series (at this time)

*Published (not interested in reading manuscripts)


What will I do with these books? 

*If accepted, I will read the book, and then write a review of which I will post to this blog.  I will also share on my Twitter and Facebook as well as Goodreads (Amazon if the book’s listed there).

In other words, it means more exposure for the book.

**What’s the catch?  I’m looking for a trade.  I read the book free of charge in exchange for my review.  That’s it! 


Interested? Have a book for me to read? 

Go the Contact page, and send me a message (Title, subgenre, blurb/synopsis) about the book.  I will respond back to each request.

🙂  🙂  🙂