Serial Fiction

I’m currently writing two serial fiction stories:


Tomorrow Falls

tomorrow falls

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Can be found on Piker Press and Juke Pop Serials



In a matter of days, Tess’ world became nightmarish. Something was unleashed that turned people into hideous, blood-thirsty creatures. She soon became the hunted as she fled the only home she ever knew in search of a safe haven.

Beck has always been running from something. Until he met Tess. He knew if she ever found out about some of his past sins, he feared she would never forgive him.

Can they survive what’s to come, together? Or, will they be ripped apart by past secrets that could ultimately doom mankind?


Not Your Usual Christmas Story


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Can be found on Juke Pop Serials and Wattpad



Samantha Dunham lost everything, her husband and her young son, to a virulent pandemic that’s sweeping the world.

Struggling to find the will to survive, she finds herself swept up with a small group of survivors made up of mostly children who have been placed in her charge. Along with Lieutenant Lance Shirley, they all will soon find themselves journeying to another realm that will prove to be fantastical as well as terrifying.