You Tube Tuesday: David Hewlett


(*YouTube Tuesday idea originally came from the Martians Attack blog)


For this week’s YouTube Tuesday, I’ve posted one from David Hewlett’s popular YouTube Channel – dHewlett.  A self-proclaimed geek and nerd, he’s best known for his role as Dr. Rodney McKay in Stargate’s Atlantis.   On his channel, you’ll find all sorts of science and geeky stuff by this cool and funny dude.  His son who he endearingly calls the Bratlett appears on many of the videos (including this one).  Together they film all kinds of quirky and entertaining stuff around Pokemon and Minescraft.   Whenever I watch one of his videos, I have to ask where on earth (or in the universe) does this guy gets all his energy from?

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Iconic Series: Movie-Saturday Night Fever



We can’t visit the 1970s without looking at the movie that shaped the decade: Saturday Night Fever.

This movie did several things.  It propelled disco music and dancing to great popularity as well as made actor John Travolta a house-hold name for the upcoming decades.   The soundtrack of the movie featured several songs by the Bees Gees which quickly became one of the top soundtracks of all time.  This did wonders for their singing careers with Staying Alive as one of their most recognized songs.

(A side note: In case you didn’t know, Saturday Night Fever has a sequel, Staying Alive which interestingly enough was co-written and co-produced by none other than-Sylvester Stallone)

May You Live Long and Prosper

Leonard Nimoy



I’m sure I am NOT the only person writing a post about this man-but, here I am.

Leonard Nimoy’s death hit me a little harder than many other recent celebrity’s deaths.


One of the reasons would be is that he died due to complications related to COPD.  With this, I can somewhat empathize with the family as I lost my daddy this past fall to Interstitial lung disease/COPD.  It’s a painful thing to watch your love one struggle for each breath while feeling powerless to help ease their suffering.

Like my daddy, he’s now in peace.

Many will remember Mr. Nimoy for his role as Mr. Spock;  but he wasn’t just an actor but an artist.

He loved to create.

Nimoy was a photographer.

Nimoy as Photographer




Nimoy with his work



Nimoy picture




Nimoy was a poet.


Title: You and I have Learned

You and I
have learned
The song of love,

and we sing it well

The song is ageless
Passed on

Heart to heart
By those
Who have seen
What we see
And known
What we know
And lovers who have
Sung before
Our love is ours
To have
To share

The miracle is this
The more we share…
The more

We have


Not only did he published books of poetry, he also published a comic-book series called The Primortals where the story dealt with the question: “What would happen on earth if we really received signals from space?”

I didn’t know that part (comic-book series), and I love the concept behind it so with that thought in mind, I’m going to try and hunt this down to read.

Nimoy/Mr. Spock will also be remembered for some of his memorable quotes:

“You proceed from a false assumption: I have no ego to bruise.”

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or of the one.”

“You know, for a long time I have been of the opinion that artists don’t necessarily know what they’re doing. You don`t necessarily know what kind of universal concept you’re tapping into.”

“Art, if it is successful, needs no explanation. Star Trek and Spock, if they are works of art, can be discussed. But finally the response comes in individual terms. Each viewer sees what is there for him, depending on his frame of reference.”

“Live Long and Prosper”


Mr. Nimoy, may you always live long and prosper-wherever you are.