Friday Fun (A Story Prompt Challenge #6)



Using this image, write a story in 25 words or less .

Post your story in the comment section below. The one with the MOST LIKES will be featured in a future post.

Challenge will remain open until 11:59pm Monday.

Have fun! 🙂


In hope of garnering more readers for the stories, I’ve opened them up to voting which can be found here.  Be sure to spread the word!


Fantastical Friday: Harry Potter


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,  the first book in an iconic fantasy series, was released on 26 June 1997, and boy did it change everything.

Then comes the movie (released 2001) and a whole new magical world is opened up for both kids and adults alike.


I enjoy reading and watching series of all kinds, but I’m a HUGE fan of Harry Potter’s!


What about you?  Do you have a favorite book or movie series?