Ideas in My Jar (Guest Blogging)

Is it Monday already?  I know that many of you are just thrilled with that.  NOT!

I had a very special honor of guest blogging at one of my readers’ blogs, Ideas in My Jar.   The post is titled:

A Journey To Living and Dreaming, Are You Following The Right Path

Thank you so much once again, Sandy!

Hope your Monday fly by quickly!

A Call for Guest Posts (Do you have an inspiring story to share with others?)

guest blog

Are you in the Creative Arts industry (or you know someone who is) and have overcome difficult challenges (due to disability/disease/hardships) to achieve a specific dream?   I’d love to hear your story!  Go to the Contact page and send an overview of what you like to share with readers who may be struggling themselves to give them hope in that they too can achieve their dreams.

Can’t wait to hear from you!