What If There Was No Internet?


What if there was no internet?  Whether it crashed due to an electromagnetic storm, or a massive meteor shower took out most of the satellites…and the internet is now GONE.

As a writer, how would you function?  How would you go about sending out your stories to the world?

Would you still keep writing?

So many completely rely on technology (namely internet) to get things done, and to communicate with others.   Would we be able to revert back to the “old” ways of doing things?

Scary thoughts?



Curses of Being Dependent On Internet


The following was written via a computer on Thursday September 3rd, 2015:

Have you ever gone an extended period without any internet? This is where I am currently well into week three. There are risks to living in one of the least populated states in the country compounded by the fact we also decided to live way out in a rural region (nearest town has about 100 people). Chances are you might not have all the amenities you once had when living on the east coast.

Eh, those chances are actually very good. Only that it really isn’t good. Not entirely that is.

There have been some benefits to not having internet:

1. My muse is free to roam without all the distractions that tend to come with having internet.
2. As a result, I’m writing more.

Then there are some not so beneficial things:

1. Without the ability to drive, I’m pretty much house-bound-hence, the internet is a way of being able to keep in contact with people.
2. Unable to blog or tweet my followers.
3. It makes me feel very alone and with very little purpose in life as a productive person.

We have located a provider that should be out here next week; but, there is no guarantee that we’ll be able to get a strong enough signal with the cell towers to connect to the internet. So, as I type this on my computer, I am hoping and praying that it works. If it doesn’t…
I don’t want to think about that right now. It just has to work.

Stay tuned.

The Big Move

the big move


Only a few more days left before the Big Move!

By either Saturday or Sunday, we’ll be loaded up and riding out for our three-day journey across the states for North Dakota.  We’ll have two vehicles…one of them will be loaded with over a dozen of (indoor and outdoor) cats.  What can I say?  We have a cat farm.

I’ve been to every state along the eastern seaboard, but have never been further west than that.  Yeah, I’ve been deprived.

So, this should be an adventure for me.

From May 16th till sometime in July, I will be without internet access.  I will be back as soon as I can!

Until that time, have an enjoyable and productive summer!


There Are Way Too Many Blogs Out There

day twenty one





Simply put, there are way too many blogs out there.

Here are some numbers I have found:

There are probably over 200 million blogs currently on the ‘net worldwide (and this number may be grossly under-stated) with one new blog created every 1/2 second.  Wow.

Within the U.S., there are approximately 6.7 million individuals who have blogs (many of them even have multiple blogs-consider me one of them).


Are there enough readers for all of them?  Maybe.  How about this?  How many of these blogs have readers who keep coming back?  How many of these blogs are truly successful?

How in the world do one find the time to read multiple blogs on a given day, every day???

It just doesn’t seem possible.

What do you think?



Social Media and the Internet (Poll)

Each writer has his or her opinion in regards to the internet and social media.  Many writers  view both as major distractions to them while others feel these have greatly benefited them and their craft.  What about you?