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“The road had detours, stop signs, missed turns, hills and valleys, deep, deep tangled forests, ruts and potholes, icy patches, and spin-outs along the way.” -Jazz Feylynn


I notice that the older I get, the more reflective and contemplative I become.

Not necessarily a bad thing; but, it tends to be painful at times.

Regrets.  So many of them.

It’s amazing how one’s past can ruin the future if you dwell on it for too long.

My fear is ending up a bitter old woman like my grandmother.   Her own family (parents) were unfair to her and she allowed that to poison her.  In turn, she lashed out on her own family (husband and children), and ended up alone and miserable in a nursing home.  Her last days were tormentous I’ve been told.

No, I do NOT want to end up like her.  Allowing regrets to poison my heart and soul.  To end up dying all alone when I’m not truly alone.

As a child, you have such dreams and hopes for the future; only to have them tainted or crushed by various circumstances of which many were out of your control.

In life, there are many roads; almost limitless.  Each road you choose to follow takes you through various types of terrains.  And on occasions, you’ll come across a detour that takes you well out-of-the-way.  Some detours bring unexpected joy and amazing experiences; while others only result in pain and heartache.

In the end, it is up to us to choose how we’ll react to these detours.

For many years, between the age of 21 and 44, I chose anger, resentment, and anxiousness.  These served me poorly.  I found no peace in them; just this growing misery that slowly ate away my heart and soul.

I got so tired of feeling negative about everything.  I longed for peace, and calmness.  I desired to use the various experiences in my life to help others.  To let them know that there is more to life than misery.  That there is beauty, and hope.  All that’s required is faith, and never stop believing in dreams.

“Embrace the detours for they are the keys to discovering yourself.” -unknown author



Choose Your Path (Part Two)


“I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”- (Robert Frost) The Road Not Taken

The above quote is the one I can relate to the most-at this point in my life.

I’m looking to others who have tread on before me as examples and for inspiration as I struggle to build confidence in myself as a writer; as a scribe who’s on a journey that could be considered spiritual in nature; as a journalist who’s risking much to share painful experiences, and bare thoughts and feelings to those willing to listen.

There will always be those who refuse to accept you for who you are, and for the things you stand for.   These same people will be the first to criticize and ridicule you as a writer, and a person.  And yeah, that hurts…a lot.

These are the times when I’d turn to the creative-minded individuals who’s gone on before me for strength and wisdom; to know that I am not alone in this battle is always a wonderful comfort, and to glean the motivation needed to keep traveling the path I’m on.

Someday, I hope to be strong and courageous enough to branch off, and blaze a new path for others to follow.




Choose Your Path (Part One)


As artists, which quote can you relate to the most?

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”- (Robert Frost) The Road Not Taken



Are You On a Hero’s Journey?

The basis of the Hero’s Journey, the overarching theme is: Transformation.

This could be applied both in fiction and in real life.

I’ve read that there are multiple stages one needs to go through to  complete the process, and while I agree with most of them, I don’t think they could be applied to all stories; especially in real life.

Why do I say that?

Not everyone completes the hero’s journey.  There are some of us who remains stagnate; stuck in a rut, or in one place.

No growth is taking place.

This could also be called a Tragedy.

I believe that most writers would love to think themselves as “heroes.”  No one wants to be remembered as a coward, or some poor tragic soul who fell short of realizing dreams and aspirations.

As I’m approaching my mid-40s, I’m growing increasingly afraid of ending up like that tragic soul.  Perhaps I’m being narrow-minded, or tunnel-visioned, but I feel like I’m missing out on something crucial on my journey as a writer, and as a person.  This whole past year I felt like I’ve had no growth as a writer.  Granted, things have been a bit crazy with the move and all.

Now that we’re in yet another new year, I’m experiencing this growing sense that time is running short.  I really hate that feeling.  I get it every year; especially the past few years.

Or, maybe I’m just being too hyper-aware of everything.




Journey as a writer and a blogger

For the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating on which road to take as a writer.   I posted a poll a short time ago to see how many readers are bloggers/writers.  The results?

Majority of my readers are both.


Many are trying to be bloggers while writing their stories.  So, the next question in my mind is…

Since we’re moonlighting as both bloggers and writers, what do we truly consider ourselves to be then-

A writer?

Or, a blogger?

Can we truly be both?

Personally, I’m finding it difficult to devout my time and energy to be both.  I’m starting to wonder how do I want others to perceive me to be-a writer or a blogger.  Which one holds more value for me?  More importance?

Yes, blogging helps you gain more readers and followers; but, is that my ultimate goal?

Bottom line, what I truly desire is to create stories.  I want to scare my readers.  Make them cringe, or cry.  I want my readers to  care as much for the characters as I do.   I haven’t been doing that.  Not for a long, long time.   It’s starting to make me feel depressed.  Moody.  I can’t focus on anything.  All I want to do is daydream.

Yet, I enjoy blogging, and meeting new readers as well as other writers.  I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas with the creative world.

Where does that leave me though?

Must contemplate some more.


Ideas in My Jar (Guest Blogging)

Is it Monday already?  I know that many of you are just thrilled with that.  NOT!

I had a very special honor of guest blogging at one of my readers’ blogs, Ideas in My Jar.   The post is titled:

A Journey To Living and Dreaming, Are You Following The Right Path

Thank you so much once again, Sandy!

Hope your Monday fly by quickly!

The Big Move

the big move


Only a few more days left before the Big Move!

By either Saturday or Sunday, we’ll be loaded up and riding out for our three-day journey across the states for North Dakota.  We’ll have two vehicles…one of them will be loaded with over a dozen of (indoor and outdoor) cats.  What can I say?  We have a cat farm.

I’ve been to every state along the eastern seaboard, but have never been further west than that.  Yeah, I’ve been deprived.

So, this should be an adventure for me.

From May 16th till sometime in July, I will be without internet access.  I will be back as soon as I can!

Until that time, have an enjoyable and productive summer!


A Slow Journey

I’m currently sitting at 10,013 words and it’s already more than halfway through the month.  I’ve only managed to write a few words each day, but  I’m writing.  No, I may not get to that magic number by the 30th; however, my goal is now to complete this draft by no later than Christmas.  A reasonable goal I believe and at least the journey for Snow Blood continues.

How are you doing with your writing?