Why Do You Write? (The Madness Behind Being a Writer)


Why do writers write?

The answer seems obvious, and the reasons are similar among most writers.

It’s because we must.

It’s who we are.

We have no choice but to write…

or go stark, raving mad.

There has to be more to it than that.

In my mind, at least.

We must dig deeper.

There is a reason other than the ones we give to people (even to ourselves).

What is it?

Be honest.

Why write at all?  What’s the true driving force behind this passion? This innate desire to put words down? To create?

There has to be more than just “I need to write.”

Is it because we are already mad?


Mentally ill?

Perhaps we need to be crazy enough to dig deep into our minds, the deepest, darkest parts of our psyche in order to pull out our masterpieces.

To share openly with the world.

To be willing to be criticized and ridiculed.

But why do all this?

For what?

Eternal glory?



Writers are an eccentric lot.


Which means…

the reasons behind the why of what we do are infinite.

To try to even understand us is…


So, don’t bother.

Just accept us for who we are.

Just accept yourself for who you are.

And write.


Writers and Madness

Here we are ,well over halfway through February already, and I really haven’t written as much as I’d hoped.  What I’ve written has been only nonfiction; but I’m a fiction writer so what’s up with that?

Is it a good thing to go from one type of writing to another?

A part of me screams “Yes!” in answer to this question.

Then there is the other part of me also screaming that I need to start writing way more than I’ve been.

Complete silence.

What???  What do you mean I have no valid excuse for that?

Something is holding me back.  Or, is it someone?

Would that someone be me???

Why would I do that to myself?

Hmm, that’s a question for another day.

Sheesh.   No wonder writers go mad.