The Book’s First Day



November 1st.   The day a book is born.  Its first breaths taken through those few precious words.   Every step of this book will be chronicled in its pages as it embarks on a wondrous journey only books can take.

Know this: the writer doesn’t choose the book; but the book chooses the writer.

I’m the writer chosen to tell its story.

The book’s name is…Blood Snow.


NaNoWriMo-Decision Time


I keep teetering back and forth on “yes! I will  do NaNo this year” and “eh, nah, not this year.”   So, I’ve decided to turn to listing the pros and cons of participating.



1. Time-consuming (when I have a family plus I’m the only one who’s currently working full-time, plus Thanksgiving is coming)

2. Energy-consuming (see above)

3. Would need to “write” while everyone’s sleeping (not sure if I can muster this with my eye-condition)

4. Not sure if I have enough motivation/determination to follow through with the commitment (I would cough this up to not having enough energy or eye-power for an entire month)

5. Lacking family support (namely my husband)



1. Have this strong desire to complete a draft of something

2. My son wants me to (this translates to that yes, I have a story in mind and that he wants to read it!)

3. I need to write!

4. To help me feel better as a writer (to end the year on a high note with having worked on a large project)

5. I would like to have a work-in-progress manuscript on hand when I apply for an opportunity at a writer’s residency (never been to one)


I’m looking over these items I’ve listed above and I still can’t decide.  Okay, I’m going to grab another cup of coffee and think some more.



To Nano Or Not (Poll)

The year started off awesome in regards to writing; but, it now have fizzled to barely a trickle of words on paper.  Frustration grows daily as this drought continues to drag on.  With November not too far away my thoughts have turned to “should I try NaNo this year?”  I haven’t done it since at least 2010 I believe.  I have vague ideas in mind but nothing really concrete yet.  Would my schedule (and family) allow me to even try this endeavor?  Again, doubts and frustration are all I’m greeted with.

The only thing I’m certain of is that if I don’t start writing again soon, I just may go off the deep end!


What about you?


P.S. There will be “five” weeks this year instead of the usual four.  Hmm…



NaNo Or Not

I briefly considered participating in NaNoWriMo this year, but (ultimately) decided against it.


One, I don’t have a story; or, rather not one that would be novel-length.

Two, I wouldn’t be able to devote the time and energy needed.


I’ve decided to start a story (web serial) that my son may enjoy reading.  I plan to post more information about this in the My Web Fiction page above.

What about you?  Will you NaNo this year, or not?