Writer’s Block: Does It Really Exists? (Poll)

Here’s your opportunity to voice your opinion in regards to this frustrating subject.  Many believe it does exists while others do not.  Which side are you on?


Character Versus Plot

Book reading


This past week, I put out a poll on various social media sites asking writers what they considered was the most important element of any given story.   Not surprisingly, there seems to be a split between the Character element and the Plot element as evident below:


“I voted for Character, but beyond that, the narrative voice. There are some voices, like those from Flannery O’Connor, Sue Monk Kid, and even Anne Lamott, that I’ll listen to even if I’m not interested, per se, in the topic. It’s like wearing a warm flannel shirt that feels like home.”tomadaonline

“Compelling characters move the plot, make settings more than a travelogue, give themes meaning w/which readers can identify.”We PAW Bloggers

“Has to be plot. You can have compelling characters, intricate settings… but if they’re doing bugger all it’s a bad story!”The Written Ward


What about you?  Would you like to add your input to this debate?  Do you think Character is more important to a story than the Plot?  Or, perhaps the genre a story is in has a hand in determining which element would be the driving force?  If you’re interested on continuing or even expanding on this debate, how about writing a guest post?   Let me know via the Contact page!


Should All Artists Have a Manifesto?

Yes?   No?

Tough question, huh?

What is a manifesto?  If you asked me this a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to give an answer.  I’ve heard of the word; just never knew exactly what it was.

So, what is it?

Simply, a manifesto is something you share with the public, or with your audience, about who you are, where you stand, and why you’re taking this particular stance.  It could be as short as a statement, or as long as a book.  (For writers, this article is a great read on how to write your manifesto)

I discovered my love for writing in 5th grade but didn’t have my first story published until 2007; I’ve been blogging in a somewhat serious manner since 2012-but, I’ve never wrote a manifesto about what makes me tick as a writer, or about what challenges me or even what threatens my calling as a writer.

Until now.

Yesterday, I published my (short and sweet) manifesto under About This Blog called: Your Art Matters Regardless of Your Flaws.

My answer to above question?

Yes, I believe all artists should have a manifesto!


What about you? 


Writing and the End of the World

Another writer and I were talking about writing and zombies the other day, and he said something that got the wheels in my head churning.  If something happened that destroyed technology (like the EMP storm due to a massive solar flare for an example), he wouldn’t bother with writing anymore.

I said, really?

He continued, what’s the point?  There would be no way to share your work with others, or get near-instant feedback.

I’m like, 0-okay.  What ever float your boat, dude.

Then that wheel started churning fast and furious, and would not stop.  So, here I am with yet another poll and a question for you, my dear readers.

What would you do?