Stop Limiting Yourself as a Writer

Thanks to all who participated in the most recent poll (How do you really view your writing?).  The majority of you chose “as a passion/reason for being;” with equal number selecting “as a service to others” and “as a hobby.”

For me, I’ve been teetering between “as a passion/reason for being” and “as a service for others.”   So then I thought, why can’t I choose both?

Why does writing has to be labeled so narrowly?  Restricted?

I think that it can be any one of these above depending on your goal, or where you are currently in your life.

Writers shouldn’t have to confine themselves in order to fit in a mold set by others.  Our creativity needs to be kept free, unrestrained, in order to be the most productive.  Especially for the first draft.

Don’t you agree?




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A Writer’s Re-Commitment


Happy October 1st!  Fall is in full swing now with radiant colors everywhere.  With the cooler weather upon us, I’m starting to crave pumpkin spice coffee and muffins!

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to write a guest post for one of my readers’ blog-Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams; which consequentially got me thinking about all the dreams I have that I want to reclaim.    Especially one in particular: writing a book in remembrance of my Dad (who passed away on September 26th, 2014).   I am going to re-commit myself, as a writer, to spend the next year or so focusing on this.  From time to time, I will update you on my progress in the hope that my readers will support me and hold me accountable. 

What about you?  Is there a dream or passion project that you want to re-commit to?  Please share with us so we, too, can offer you support and encouragement.

Reclaiming Your Dream (Poll)

As promised, here is the second poll that relate to the previous one.  A number of you have had to give up one dream or more because of an unexpected disease or disability.    Some of you may have been able to come back and reclaim those dreams back.  Are you one of them?  Please share with those who are still struggling and give them hope that yes, all things are possible!


Write For Them

If you’re a writer and you want to have an impact on people lives…

Write letters!

There are relatives, acquaintances and strangers who need these;

Especially the elderly or shut-ins who have no other family members there for them.

They just need to know that they’re not alone or forgotten.

Letters can give them hope or a sense of comfort.

So, if you’re a writer and want to impact others

use your talent and passion for them!