It’s the Apocalypse! Contest Winner


Over at the, I recently ran a contest called, It’s the Apocalypse!

First placed winner had the option to see their story turned in to a video which she opted for.   I’m sharing her winning story in video format below:

The Silence is Temporary by Lyssa






I’m running one other contest over at where the winning item will have the option to see their story turned in to a video like above.  If you’re interested, just click in the image below!

Winter Tales

Deadline: December 31st

Writing and the End of the World

Another writer and I were talking about writing and zombies the other day, and he said something that got the wheels in my head churning.  If something happened that destroyed technology (like the EMP storm due to a massive solar flare for an example), he wouldn’t bother with writing anymore.

I said, really?

He continued, what’s the point?  There would be no way to share your work with others, or get near-instant feedback.

I’m like, 0-okay.  What ever float your boat, dude.

Then that wheel started churning fast and furious, and would not stop.  So, here I am with yet another poll and a question for you, my dear readers.

What would you do?