A Mad Writer


I’m in the process of writing an edgy Christian supernatural story.

No, I should shift my focus to a more mainstream zombie one.

Yeah, but I love to put down on paper a particular romance-adventure story line that keeps going over and over in my mind.

But…I probably should go back and revise the two short stories I wrote last year so they will stop nagging at me.

Sheesh!  Being a writer can be so maddening.  How does one decide which project to focus on????



A Writer’s Re-Commitment


Happy October 1st!  Fall is in full swing now with radiant colors everywhere.  With the cooler weather upon us, I’m starting to crave pumpkin spice coffee and muffins!

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to write a guest post for one of my readers’ blog-Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams; which consequentially got me thinking about all the dreams I have that I want to reclaim.    Especially one in particular: writing a book in remembrance of my Dad (who passed away on September 26th, 2014).   I am going to re-commit myself, as a writer, to spend the next year or so focusing on this.  From time to time, I will update you on my progress in the hope that my readers will support me and hold me accountable. 

What about you?  Is there a dream or passion project that you want to re-commit to?  Please share with us so we, too, can offer you support and encouragement.

Summer Tidbits (and a question)

Welcome to the end of summer and upcoming start of a new school year (my son starts his first year of middle school…gulp!). Things have been a bit crazy around my house.  I haven’t written or read as much as I’d wanted.  I hope my readers will understand.  I’m also hoping that in a few weeks things will start to slow down and I can resume my “normal” schedule.

It’s nice to dream, huh?

Very recently I was presented with an opportunity to work on a collaborative project (a screenplay).  We plan to start it this fall.  This new adventure excites me beyond words as I’ve never done a collaborative work before.  For those of you who have, what kind of experience did you have?  Was it positive?  Negative?  Any words of wisdom you can to share?  🙂