Published! The Pocket Watch-Flash Fiction

Francisco-Goya-4  The Pocket Watch

Is there hope in a world that’s lost?

Several months ago, I decided to try my hands at writing flash fiction again (the first time I tried to I sucked big time).  It took me a while to condense this down to as  few  words as I could without abandoning the “showing” part and resort to “telling.”  What helped me this time?


That’s right.  I initially wrote this in a script format using only dialogues and action sequences.  When I went back to re-write it, I added the prose portion.   Then,  I submitted the story to Jason Gerringer from the Weary Writer site for his one-on-one workshop to critique it, and received some very helpful feedback.

The result is that I found a home for it and the story was published with Asylum Ink.

Have you ever used any non-traditional technique when writing a story?