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Hi there and welcome!  My name is Carrie Ann Golden.  I’m a country-girl-at heart.  I was born just south of the Quebec border, and grew up in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. I spent parts of my adult life south of Buffalo and in the Finger Lakes region. For fourteen years, I lived in North Carolina; but have recently relocated to North Dakota.

Adirondack Mountains

I’m married to a wonderful man (and best friend) for nearly twenty years; and have a teenage son.   We own a small farmstead north of Grand Forks.


So, besides being a wife, a mother, and a farmer, I’m also a writer.


Edge of our farmstead, North Dakota









Many of my short works have been published in Piker Press as well as Edify Fiction, Doll Hospital Journal, The Hungry Chimera, GFT Press, Asylum Ink, Visual Verse and Zombie Poetry.

For three years I’ve worked on citizen journalist assignments for Motionpoems, Inc.

I’m now doing similar assignments with The Crossover Alliance (an independent Christian publishing company).

I also have created a blog to post all my fiction: Step Into the Shadows

I hope you’ll come back and visit often.  🙂


46 thoughts on “About the Writer

  1. More on the tech side of ur blog, I love the lay- out; it’s very encouraging, in the sense that you want to click and find out about the blog. I could use some pointers myself! lol. I like the nice looking background of the sunset or sunrise as well. Dada-Cat will roam around here for sure. Thanks for ur like. ;))


  2. Great blog, Carrie Ann. I’ll have to take a look at your writing–sounds cool! Very impressed that you ate a raw onion. I ate a rotten banana once for $5, but an onion sounds much, much worse. Thanks for liking my post! I’m a newbie at the blogging thing, so it’s nice to get some positive reinforcement. Take care!


  3. By the dates on your blog, you’re doing far better than I on meeting your deadlines, but I’m glad that you liked my “Writing on deadline” post in any case. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you return. By the way, I love the “mantra all writers should have.” I’ll keep that in mind on a bad day.


  4. Thank you for stopping by and liking “Cents and Sensibility.” It is always a pleasure to meet another author. Funny, I live in upstate New York, and I will be moving to NC. Small world.


  5. Hi Carrie,
    So glad you stopped and commenting on “My Story with RP.” I can’t believe how many writer friends I’ve encountered from North Carolina. I went to my first writing conference there but since then and not related to the conference, I’ve met many more. Your blog looks very organized and interesting. I’m going to bookmark it. =D
    I’ve been working on some books. This one is an indie. I hope to have it out by early April.
    Take care!


  6. You are a remarkable person to carry on with a blog. I’ve known several people who have lost their sight, and for the most part they share this strong energy challenging the impossible.

    I’m a ham radio operator, and after a conversation with a blind lady I visited a friend with a Braille writing device. Using it I impressed my call sign on to her QSL card before mailing it. She was pleased.

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  7. Thanks for liking my recent sponsorship opportunities post. Is this something that you would be interested in? My blog has high traffic right now so I’d love to try and help promote your blog! Let me know- cheers, Steve…

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  8. Found you from a like on my post in the meet and great weekend. Lovely blog, not that I’m biased through any connection to writing…just to be clear…although that’s what our politicians say and I don’t trust them 🤔

    I hope you don’t mind a new follower 😊

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