Completed Works

Listed below are longer stories that are completed (most are novella length). Click on image if you’d like to read. 🙂


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Zoey Moss always thought her scientist father crazy when he talked about shadow universes until she gets pulled into one. 

Now, she must find a way back home before time runs out.


This story is found on Wattpad which I wrote under pen name, CJ Austin.

It was supposed to be a summer of work and fun for Aimee Kipper - but when an earthquake devastated the region, it released a creature that's bent on destroying everything in its path.

Can Aimee  survive long enough for rescue?


One Deadly Night

This was also written under pen name, CJ Austin and the link within the image will take you to Wattpad. You can also read the entire sixteen chapters on the blog here.

A man and his granddaughter are buried alive. 

A soldier-turned-Park Ranger attempts a solo search to rescue them when an unknown alien force launched an invasion - where mankind becomes prey to the most dominant species on the planet. 

Who will survive to see the next sunrise?

Moodset for One Deadly Night


This ten-chapter story is on my blog.

Bree and her young daughter return to her childhood home where her parents vanished when she was a girl to learn more about her heritage.

What she finds will change her life forever.