Story Saturday: Untitled Haiku

Photo Credit: Ben Heine


This haiku was prompted by the “elephants” theme over at @storysaturday on Twitter.




Snowflakes (a haiku)


Bright and icy they

provide the security

coat for the stranded

A haiku I wrote just for the fun of it.  It was inspired by a recent snow/ice storm where the highways of Raleigh became gridlocked for several hours, and hundreds of cars were abandoned.  This haiku was written (and dedicated) for all those poor mechanical things.

I Stand Corrected

I stand corrected!  There is already a National Haiku Writing Month (official) and this takes place during the month of February!  🙂  Thank you, Michael.

Okay, but I still want to personally devote myself to writing poems for the entire month of June.  So, for me, I will write at least one “micropoem” each day.

Micropoem?  Aka micropoetry is basically any poem that’s 160 words or less.  You can see a lot of this on Twitter.  It can be in form of a haiku, free verse, or whatever floats your boat.  Personally I prefer haiku.

I wrote two of them today.  I’ll share one here:

Fast, dark and wispy

storm clouds lash out, loud and deep

my poor, achy head!