Poet, Author & Activist Interview: Austin Davis

Today, we have a special interview with poet and activist, Austin Davis!



If you were to introduce yourself to a small group of strangers, what would you say?

I would smile, say hello, tell them it is nice to meet them, and ask how they’re doing.


What do you write?

I primarily write poetry, but I also write short stories sometimes too.


How does your writing fit into your role as a student activist?

My biggest goals with my writing are to connect with people, to share my experiences, and to help someone feel less alone in what they’re going through. I write a lot about mental health. I have OCD and have struggled before and know firsthand how difficult and scary it can be. I also write a lot about gun violence, masculinity, and other social issues. I hope to use my privileges, abilities and writing to fight for progressive change and against injustice.


Tell us about your published books and where we can find them.

I am the author of The World Isn’t The Size of Our Neighborhood Anymore and Celestial Night Light.

The World Isn’t The Size of Our Neighborhood Anymore was published by Weasel Press in March, 2020. This book is about coming of age in a time of great turbulence and uncertainty. The book contains poems about love, toxic masculinity, gun violence, the loss of innocence, and more.

Celestial Night Light is a micro-chapbook that was published by Ghost City Press in July, 2020. This little book contains 5 poems and is free to download and read online. The book is free, but if you’d like to make a donation, all donations for this title go to Black Lives Matter.

The poems in this short collection center around heartbreak, love, and mental health issues during the pandemic. In this little chapbook I wanted to try to capture some of the pain, loss and fear I think we’ve all felt in one way or another about the current pandemic, but I also wanted to end the chapbook with a message of hope and a poem about love.

A small print run of copies is also available for Celestial Night Light. Each copy is $7, with shipping and handling included. If you’d like a copy, please send me an email at Awdavis0214@gmail.com.

You can purchase a copy of The World Isn’t The Size of Our Neighborhood Anymore online from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and you can download the PDF of Celestial Night Light for free from Ghost City Press!


What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my next full-length collection of poetry. I think the poems in this new book are the most honest and raw pieces I’ve ever written, and I’m very excited to share this body of work with the world.


Any new works soon to be published?

Two new poems of mine were recently published. “107 degrees” was recently published by Maudlin House and “I’ll Be the Ocean if You be the Wind That Makes me Curl,” was recently published by Isacoustic. Both of these poems will be included in my next full-length collection of poetry.

Writing these poems made me feel a little less afraid of everything going on right now in the world, and I hope if you read them you’ll feel some sort of comfort, love and understanding! Stay strong and keep going, my friends. Peace and love to all!



Thank you, Austin for stopping by and sharing with us about your work and the various causes close to your heart!

Be sure to check out his work!

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