Another Year Is Ending


In review…

Now that’s Christmas is over it’s time to focus on the New Year.   2017 was a fairly good year overall both personally and as a writer.

I saw a few of my writings published:

The Hungry Chimera Literary Journal (two poems)

Doll Hospital Journal  (essay)

Motionpoems, Inc (film credit/interviewed both poet & film-maker)

Piker Press (poem)


I took on a role as a moderator (in a team of four) for Tuesday Serial; as well as a moderator for the weekly THURSDAY TALK SHOP over at Facebook with We PAW Bloggers (of which I plan to step down to a lesser role for the coming year).  I’ve created and am trying to grow (hopefully to add a few volunteers to help) Serial Fiction Digest (Twitter, Facebook, blog).

Looking ahead…

2018 is looking to be a year of crossroads for me as a writer.  I plan to work on a romance (clean) novel as well as continue to plan out another.  In the past, I’ve focused mainly on flash fiction, poetry and serial fiction.  I will continue with these forms, but gradually shifting some of my attention/time to writing a book-length story.  My goal is to be not just a writer, but an author.

I will be taking on a role as a citizen journalist for The Crossover Alliance (a Christian publishing company) of which I am very excited about.


What about you?  How was 2017 for you as a writer?  Have any specific goals for the new year?

(for each comment, I will stop by and read your most recent blog post! 🙂 )



  1. As a writer, 2017 was one of my better years. I give credit to a Facebook writing club and some good writing friends I connected with throughout the year. I wrote a good amount of flash fiction and posted some on my blog. I also tried my hand at writing in different genres. But one goal eluded me, but I have myself to blame. I wanted to be published this year, but I didn’t submit anything. I was too cowardly to step out there.

    I’m pulling for a better 2018. I want to write a short story a month. And thanks to a friend, I think I have a good formula to accomplish it. And second, I want to submit five stories to contests and publications. This will take some research and a lot of courage. But I believe I can.

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  2. Great post and congratulations on your successes and goals! I haven’t given my goals a lot of thought yet, but I suppose I want to write on a more regular schedule. I want to procrastinate less and produce more. Happy 2018!!

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  3. Congrats! Hope 2018 will be better than 2017.

    In 2017 I’ve had two poems published and wrote 30 new poems for a new feminist poetry chapbook. Which I hope to revise/edit and complete in 2018. Along with some other new and old works.


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