7 Ways Writers Can Establish Themselves #Blogtober #Writerslife #WritingCommunity

Writers who are just starting out may feel confused (and overwhelmed) by what they should be doing to establish their presence in the already extremely crowded industry.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Set up a blog

Though it is not a requirement, it is a good idea to set up a blog.  Blogging is one way to experiment with writing especially if you’re uncertain as to which niche or form you want to focus on. It’s also a way of getting yourself “out there” so that potential readers can discover you.

Set up a presence on social media

Another way for readers to discover you is through social media. There are so many options to choose from – so my best advice is experiment with a few at a time until you find one or two you really like and focus on them. It’s too time consuming to have more than three when you should be writing! 😊

Actively pursue guest post opportunities on other writers/authors’ sites

Over time, you will find the niche/form/style of writing that fits you. At this point, you’ll probably be thinking about increasing the number of readers. One way to do this is find writers/authors in your niche who have a larger fan base for their sites/blogs and see if you can write a guest post. In doing this you will be introducing your work to new potential readers who never would have discovered you otherwise.

Self-publish small samples of your writing and share for free

You can do this via Kindle, Smashwords, or Lulu for example. You can even use free platforms like Wattpad, Medium, and Inkitt. Or, you can use your blog to write your stories and share with your readers. This is a great way to gain die-hard and life-long fans who would read anything and everything you post/publish. These are also ways for your readers to engage with you on a personal level and offer their feedback on your work.

Join and be active in writing groups/communities

This is good for building a support system for you as a writer. You’ll be mingling with veteran writers who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you.

Read and review books in genre/form you plan to specialize in

Another good way to help you reach more readers. And not only that, reading also helps you become a better writer.

Publish short works (essay, fiction, poetry, etc.) with various print/online magazines and anthologies

Publishing smaller works will help you build credibility as well as a resume – great building blocks for future success. Duotrope is a good starting place to begin searching for potential publications for your work.

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